The CEO of “eBay” hints at the possibility of integrating crypto payments

The CEO of “eBay” hints at the possibility of integrating crypto payments

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Answer The CEO of “eBay” hints at the possibility of integrating crypto payments

American e-commerce giant eBay is looking to integrate cryptocurrency payments.

In a recent interview, he told CEO Jimmy Ennon that the company might very soon jump into the crypto arena.

In the first place, he told Jimmy that eBay would like to appeal to Generation Z and Millennials.

Attracting the new generation:

eBay is one of the oldest e-commerce companies, having been established in 1995.

In an exclusive interview with The Street, Jimmy told that the long-awaited official announcement of the platform’s crypto integration could be revealed on March 10th.

According to the speaker:

The market aims to transform into a niche for millennials and Zads.

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He added:

We are now completing our transition to managing payments as we now manage $85 billion of volume directly on our platform.

This gives us the ability to unlock new payment methods.

So far, eBay has enabled both payment methods:

Google Pay and Apple Pay

on its platform.

It has also registered a partnership with Afterpay in Australia, a platform that attracts Generation Z.

Jimmy hinted that it was now time to evaluate other forms of payment, commenting on this by saying:

We will continue to evaluate what other forms of payments we should take on the platform.

We do not currently accept cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Big bets on NFT:

In 2014, eBay was considering adding bitcoin as a payment method to its retail platform.

Six years later, Jimmy said the e-commerce giant was in no rush to other payment options such as cryptocurrencies but indicated that he wanted to continue exploring more about them.

Although eBay has yet to roll out a cryptocurrency payment feature, it placed big bets on the booming NFT sector in May last year.

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The company has enabled the sale of non-fungible NFT tokens on its platform.

Only whitelisted sellers were also allowed to list and sell NFTs.

eBay wasn’t the only popular platform that dealt with emerging technologies like NFT and blockchain, with online payment processors like PayPal and Chinese e-commerce company also joining the NFT space last year.

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