Animoca warns of fraudulent digital currency impersonating its name, available on Uniswap

Animoca warns of fraudulent digital currency impersonating its name, available on Uniswap

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Answer Animoca warns of fraudulent digital currency impersonating its name, available on Uniswap

Decentralization has many advantages and positive points, but on the other hand it carries a number of security threats, which require the user to be more aware and careful.

Yesterday, Animoca Brands issued a scam alert regarding a fraudulent ERC-20 cryptocurrency called “Animoca Brands Metaverse” available for trading on the Uniswap V2 decentralized trading platform.

The Hong Kong-based company said the digital currency is fraudulently claiming to be associated with Animoca Brands.

Beware of the fraudulent “Animoca” coin:

According to the official press release, Animoca Brands clarified that the cryptocurrency of the same name has nothing to do with the company.

The company urged the crypto community to stay away from counterfeit currency and any related activities, such as engaging in any way, including engaging in social media and messaging apps.

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The company also requested to switch to a new wallet immediately if anyone has already received or purchased some of these fraudulent digital currencies in order to reduce the chances of being targeted in future scams.

The company’s statement also stated:

Animoca Brands reserves the right to take action against cryptocurrency operators for copyright infringement, impersonation and misrepresentation, and against organizations and individuals who enable the coin to perpetuate its fraudulent claims.

“Animoca Brands” is a well-established name in the gaming industry, and “Animoca Brands” has proven itself in the world of “Metaverse” and NFT.

The blockchain gaming company has announced an expansion in Japan with the launch of its strategic subsidiary, Animoca Brands KK, after raising nearly $10 million in funding in its initial round last month.

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