MasterCard announces the recruitment of 500 people to expand further in the field of crypto

MasterCard announces the recruitment of 500 people to expand further in the field of crypto

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Answer MasterCard announces the recruitment of 500 people to expand further in the field of crypto

MasterCard, a payments processing giant, is looking to delve deeper into the cryptocurrency industry.

In line with this, the company plans to expand its services with new practices focusing on open banking, open data, cryptocurrencies, and digital currencies, as well as improving governance.

Cryptocurrency adoption:

According for an official statementMasterCard stated that it aims to help financial institutions move toward cryptocurrency adoption through its advisory efforts and by enabling banks and merchants to cover the many potentials of digital currencies.

This will include providing early-stage education, risk assessment, bank and NFT crypto strategy development and designing cryptocurrency loyalty programs.

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Accordingly, MasterCard is looking to add more than 500 university graduates and young professionals as part of its ambitious growth plans.

So far, MasterCard has sponsored partnerships focused on crypto companies and helped fintech companies expand into new financial markets.

A key point for payment companies is to help central banks use their test platform to explore design as well as deploy a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

MasterCard can enable central banks to analyze various frameworks prior to publication and draw on their expertise on payment systems, policy, regulation, and governance.

MasterCard adoption of crypto:

Mastercard has taken several steps towards integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency into its business structure.

In 2021, the company announced that it would start supporting select digital currencies directly on its network.

Without clarifying its position on cryptocurrencies, Mastercard stated that it is about choosing customers, merchants and businesses to transfer value either traditionally or via cryptocurrency.

Later, it announced its support for crypto-backed credit and debit cards in the Asia Pacific region, thus enabling users to use these assets in the same way as standard paper money when paying for goods and services.

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Recently, MasterCard partnered with crypto exchange Coinbase to simplify the purchase of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The company has also joined forces with leading Ethereum software company ConsenSys to launch decentralized applications.

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