The NFT craze continues… Most expensive “CryptoPunk” sells for $23.7M

The NFT craze continues… Most expensive “CryptoPunk” sells for $23.7M

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Answer The NFT craze continues… Most expensive “CryptoPunk” sells for $23.7M

The non-fungible NFT tokens continue to gain attention with insanely high buying and selling.

The famous non-fungible token “CryptoPunk” broke its previous record in terms of the value of Ethereum and the dollar.

Recently, the non-fungible CryptoPunk token No. 5822 sold for nearly $24 million, as the digital token became owned by Deepak Thapelal, CEO of Chain Corporation.

Developed in 2017, CryptoPunks is one of the oldest and most popular digital tokens in the non-fungible token arena.

The “CryptoPunks” collection contains 10,000 artistic images generated using algorithms 24*24, 8-bit in a square token style.

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The explosion of the NFT industry last year led to several “CryptoPunks” transactions worth millions of dollars.

CryptoPunks “NFT” consists of different designs, such as images of humans, aliens, monkeys, zombies, etc…

The CEO of Chain has just set a new record for the highest amount paid for CryptoPunk.

The CEO of Chain has posted on Twitter that he has acquired “CryptoPunk #5822” for 8,000 ETH worth about $23.7 million.

Later, the CEO of Chain explained that after using leverage through CompoundFinance, he was able to purchase this digital art.

It is worth noting that Chain CEO Thabelale bought the rarest type in the CryptoPunks chain, an image of the Stranger, as there are only nine NFTs out of 10,000 tokens.

Regardless of the crypto community insiders, “CryptoPunks” have attracted notable names outside the industry as well.

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For example, last year, multinational financial services giant Visa bought a token from CryptoPunks for $160,000.

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