Hosting the first wedding in the world of “Metaverse”…Details here

Hosting the first wedding in the world of “Metaverse”…Details here

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Answer Hosting the first wedding in the world of “Metaverse”…Details here

In the past two days, a decentralized and virtual wedding took place in the metaphysics world.

The party was owned by a Phoenix couple, Ryan and Candice Hurley.

As Supreme Court Justice Clint Pollik mediated the marriage, a virtual crowd of 2,000 guests attended as witnesses.

Ryan and Candice Hurley married in this ceremony as their virtual identities.

The couple chose Rose Legal Group to oversee their ceremony.

Jordan Rose, president of this legal group, said:

This ceremony was the first virtual wedding in metaverse and on the blockchain platform.

According to Jordan Rose, the world of metaphysics is still in its infancy.

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The necessary model for holding weddings in this context was determined by this company and was officially recognized.

The wedding ceremony was held at the property of Rose Legal Group on the Decentraland stand.

The ceremony was conducted by creating a decentralized marriage framework.

In this way, a prenuptial agreement is concluded that defines all digital assets of the couple.

The platform also identifies the couple’s recognized identities and location via NFT.

There is currently no legal definition of marriage in metaphysics.

Therefore, it is not yet possible to say whether this marriage will have a legal status or not.

Metavirus has no limits:

Unlike the real world, where any restrictions can ruin your dream wedding.

There will be no limits in the world of metaphysics.

Where you can have a wedding just as you imagine, whether above pink clouds or riding on a white horse and flying high with the wife.

Since the future of metaverses is completely decentralized and all information is stored on the blockchain platform, there is no need to store information in the real world of marriage.

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Of course, holding this concert also had some problems.

For example, Decentraland could not process all 2,000 guests and had issues with that.

Of course, all guest gifts, paid for in NFT form, are fully processed 20 minutes after the party.

Although the “Rose” platform has stated that all steps are legal.

The US Department of Marriage said the marriage should be confirmed upon their marriage, not the digital avatar.

Such ceremonies may be prohibited by law if they do not comply with the prescribed laws.

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