Binance CEO Warns of Phishing Attacks and Fake Sites Impersonating Binance

Binance CEO Warns of Phishing Attacks and Fake Sites Impersonating Binance

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Answer Binance CEO Warns of Phishing Attacks and Fake Sites Impersonating Binance

A phishing attack was launched recently impersonating Binance.

Some customers received an SMS urging them to cancel a withdrawal from an “unknown IP address”.

Clicking the link in the SMS directs users to the login page, which if the data is entered will be captured by the hackers and they will be given the possibility of the users’ login credentials.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, has warned against clicking on links in text messages.

Impersonating Binance:

The CEO of Binance (also known as “CZ”) tweeted:

There is a widespread SMS scam with a link to cancel withdrawals.

These links lead to a phishing website to collect users’ credentials as in the screenshot below.

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Accordingly, never click on links from SMS!

Always navigate to Binance via a referenced shortcut in your browser or type it in manually.

It is unclear how many customers were targeted and whether the hackers succeeded in their schemes.

Phishing attacks are very common.

Antivirus software may succeed in reporting some attacks but general awareness is very important.

NFT and robotics:

A relatively new type of attack is targeting non-fungible token auctions (NFTs).

According to PermiterX, speculative bots are used in NFT auctions to benefit the attacker.

The robots place multiple price bids in the market below the ask price.

If the NFT owner who listed the NFT for sale accepts a bid, it will be immediately voided.

The result of the above will lower the value of the NFT when it is reinserted.

The bots can then buy the NFT at a slightly lower price and resell it for a profit.

The other type is NFT manipulation by pushing the price up, whereby bots buy NFTs available for sale at the lowest available price.

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When the NFT is resold, it will be higher than the last sale, which may fool the NFT collectors into having a high demand for the NFT and buying at a higher price (higher than the previous sale).

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The third type of manipulation is done by the NFT vendor.

The seller may bid higher for an NFT that he is trying to auction off and then reject the bids.

This gives the impression that his NFT is very valuable, tempting customers to bid on the NFT at a higher price.

As previously written, awareness of such potential vulnerabilities is important in the crypto market and is what we always try to spread and emphasize in Arab Bitcoin.

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