Study: One-fifth of American adults are considering buying Bitcoin

Study: One-fifth of American adults are considering buying Bitcoin

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Answer Study: One-fifth of American adults are considering buying Bitcoin

Surveys and opinion polls provide a simplified overview of the trends and thinking of peoples, and they are not 100 percent accurate, but although the samples under study are small, they suggest and clarify trends, even in part.

Recently, according to a recent survey published by the intelligence firm “Morning Consultation“More than a fifth of adults in the US were considering buying bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency.

For comparison, consideration and interest in buying bitcoin dropped as much as 13% last July after the largest cryptocurrency dropped to $28,500.

The recent crypto crash has not dampened the enthusiasm of Bitcoin owners, as the majority of them were willing to buy the dip, according to the same survey mentioned above.

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Not surprisingly, millennials remain more friendly and open about cryptocurrency, with a third of them telling that they are willing to buy bitcoin.

Men and those respondents with an annual income of more than $100,000 are also more likely to buy the main cryptocurrency than the average adult in America.

On January 24, Bitcoin price dropped to $32,950.

Earlier (in the last 48 hours), the bitcoin price surged to an intraday high of $39,285, recovering 19% from the last recorded low.

The vast majority of bitcoin owners (70%) told that the main motive behind their investment is to make money.

A Morning Consult survey shows that those who own more than $500 worth of bitcoin are widely expecting the price of the leading cryptocurrency to reclaim the $60,000 level within the next six months.

As expected, bitcoin owners also tend to have a higher risk appetite compared to the rest of the respondents.

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According to the same study, 90% of Americans have heard of Bitcoin.

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