After its official launch … the “BitMEX” platform distributes 1.5 million digital currency “BMEX” to users

After its official launch … the “BitMEX” platform distributes 1.5 million digital currency “BMEX” to users

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Answer After its official launch … the “BitMEX” platform distributes 1.5 million digital currency “BMEX” to users

Popular crypto derivatives trading platform BitMEX has distributed 1.5 million BMEX.

BMEX is the new digital currency of the latter trading platform “BitMEX” distributed to both old and new users after the issuance of the BMEX white paper yesterday, which we discussed in Bitcoin Arabs.

BitMEX rewards its users with BMEX coins:

BitMEX told in a press release today that the cryptocurrency was awarded to users based on their past activities on the trading platform.

Remember, BitMEX announced earlier in December that it would launch its native cryptocurrency, with the promise of distributing a large portion of the cryptocurrency to verified BitMEX users.

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BMEX is built on the Ethereum blockchain, with a maximum of 450 million coins and a maturity period of up to five years.

The new cryptocurrency will be used to reward both old and new users of the platform, allowing them to receive discounts of up to 15% on trading fees.

Exclusive privileges for BMEX holders:

In addition, BMEX holders will get many exclusive privileges.

These benefits include VIP tickets for sporting events, VIP services for users with more than 500,000 BMEX tokens, exclusive access to new products, and many more preferences directed exclusively to holders of the new cryptocurrency.

BMEX holders can also get free access to BitMEX Academy courses and the platform’s community channels, an increased rate of return on BitMEX EARN deposits, and discounts on trading fees on the BitMEX platform, expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2022.

Owners can participate and receive BMEX tokens starting today, February 1, while instant crypto trading will begin early in the second quarter following the launch of the BitMEX spot platform.

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