Asian Company Uses Blockchain Technology to Prevent Fraud in COVID-19 Vaccines

Asian Company Uses Blockchain Technology to Prevent Fraud in COVID-19 Vaccines

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Answer Asian Company Uses Blockchain Technology to Prevent Fraud in COVID-19 Vaccines

Asia-based medical services company Zuellig Pharma has developed a blockchain platform to improve its vaccine tracking service and prevent accidents that could harm the health of the public.

The company’s “eZTracker” system ensures the authenticity of vaccines, preventing smuggling of medical products and misappropriation of vaccines and supplies during their official distribution.

How eZTracker can prevent vaccine counterfeiting:

Zuellig Pharma’s eZTracker software ensures transparency across the entire supply chain by logging the movements of each package from manufacturing to delivery and management.

Because the company uses blockchain technology, the information is auditable in real time, provides immediate results, and does not require an intermediary.

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It is also censorship-resistant and immune to intentional tampering with reported data.

Daniel Laverick, Vice President and Head of Digital and Data Solutions at Zuellig Pharma, explained that in addition to knowing and validating a product’s path, users have the ability to reliably obtain a large number of valuable information.

He added:

“For products registered with eZTracker and depending on the needs of our drug managers, patients can scan the 2D data matrix on the product packaging to check key product information such as expiration date, temperature and source through the blockchain-powered application.

Lavrick believes that Hong Kong could be a key market for setting up eZTracker as a tool to monitor the healthcare system.

Zuellig Pharma has a client base of more than 1,000 healthcare facilities in 13 Asian countries.

Blockchain uses:

The use of blockchain technology in logistics and medicine is not new.

As the industry matured, developers released proofs of concept and practical applications that give blockchain technologies comparative advantages over approaches that rely on human operators or need to work with central servers.

Some initiatives have proven successful, and some have struggled to prove their value, but the use of blockchain technology varies between different industries over time.

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For example, in the medical field, there is MediLedger, a startup that offers a service similar to eZTracker but to a much wider audience, ensuring the authenticity and validity of medicines coming from their sources.

Likewise, during the coronavirus boom, several proposals for COVID passports have been explored using the blockchain to ensure information about the spread of the virus, and to record people’s movements and travel under supervision.

There are already applications in food, energy distribution, and even the shoe industry, such as with shoe company New Balance, which uses the Cardano blockchain to trace original products and prevent counterfeiting.

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