Painful Love…The Story of Someone Losing $200,000 in a Crypto Romance Scam

Painful Love…The Story of Someone Losing $200,000 in a Crypto Romance Scam

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Answer Painful Love…The Story of Someone Losing $200,000 in a Crypto Romance Scam

some times love Kills.

In our story, he was not killed, but he caused harm to his owner to the point of death.

The story was covered by the agency.BBCThe news of a British national, named “Tom” (not his real name but a pseudonym), was struggling to get over feelings of separation from his ex-wife in 2020, when he joined a dating app to find companionship.

Soon after, he was approached by a woman who introduced herself as “Jia” from Hong Kong, and the couple began messaging.

Tom revealed that he and his future wife were online discussing their joint future.

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Jia also portrayed herself as a successful and knowledgeable cryptocurrency investor who tempted the man to dream of building a rich lifestyle with her.

Tom admitted:

Signs of fraud were showing up in front of me, but all this woman was doing was building trust with me which was enough to keep me with her for so long.

At one point, the woman asked Tom if he knew anything about bitcoin.

The latter said he invested in it a few years ago.

Next, Jia directed Tom to an online trading platform and instructed him to download the app to his mobile phone.

Once again, the Briton was suspicious, but at the same time he found Gia reassuring him that everything was fine and that he would become rich if he followed her advice.

The woman kept encouraging Tom to keep investing in the questionable app, telling him he would lose important profits if he wasn’t fast enough.

The man ended up investing about $200,000 only to discover that his balance had been liquidated.

Commenting on this, he said:

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In the blink of an eye, it was all gone.

I admit my stomach has been sick ever since.

Tom asked Gia to explain why his money was missing, but the woman refused to help, saying she had to fly to Australia and spend time with her sick aunt.

At that point, Tom realized that he had become the victim of a cryptocurrency scam.

Feeling devastated, he sought help and admitted that without his mother, he would have put an end to his life. He declared:

I realized I needed help right away and went straight to see my mom.

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If I didn’t have that support, I wouldn’t be here.

I was going to do something that wouldn’t leave me here anymore.

Evidence from the story is that scams are widespread and their owners have different methods and methods to inflict victims.

For our part, in Arab Bitcoin, we try to be on the lookout for such people by revealing their methods and ways of deceiving them so that their hands do not reach Arab users at least.

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