Project “Fantom” finally surpasses “Avalanche” in terms of total locked value TVL

Project “Fantom” finally surpasses “Avalanche” in terms of total locked value TVL

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Answer Project “Fantom” finally surpasses “Avalanche” in terms of total locked value TVL

The “Fantom” project and its digital currency “FTM”, which offers a high-performance smart contract platform, has managed to extend its rise despite the deadliest cryptocurrency massacre that we have not seen in months.

The total volume of locked assets in Fantom (the total dollar-denominated price of all cryptocurrencies in active dApps based on the Fantom blockchain) has reached a historic high of over $10 billion.

The “Fantom” project adds 33% of the total closed value in a week and exceeds Avalanche:

According to statistics shared by a pro-Fantom account, the TVL locked value of the project has exceeded that of the Avalanche platform.

According to data from DeFiLLama, Fantom’s TVL locked value metrics have reached more than $12 billion.

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The nearest competitor, Avalanche, has a closed value of $8.57 billion.

In the past 24 hours, amid the bloodbath of the crypto markets, “Fantom” apps have lost 9.87% of their TVL locked value, while Avalanche’s net TVL has fallen 16.5%.

Who is building on the Fantom?

Analysts and investors are excited about Fantom’s progress in 2022.

Austin Barrack of Coinfund claimed that the FTM is undervalued.

Mr. Barrack attributed Fantom’s potential upside to its technical superiority and generous community programs focused on dApps.

As of January 2022, there are 128 active protocols in Fantom. The most notable and most popular are:

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Multichain, SpookySwap, and OXDAO.

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