The launch of “SundaeSwap” for its main network causes congestion in the Cardano network

The launch of “SundaeSwap” for its main network causes congestion in the Cardano network

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Answer The launch of “SundaeSwap” for its main network causes congestion in the Cardano network

The Cardano community and the crypto community in general have been enthusiastic about enabling smart contracts on the Cardano network following the upgrade of Onzo last year.

Since then there have been many minor issues.

The launch of the main network of “SundaeSwap”:

Four months later, Cardano’s first blockchain-based decentralized application launched its mainnet yesterday, January 20, after a series of private and public tests.

The decentralized platform “SundaeSwap” allows users to trade, stake and lend cryptocurrencies on the platform, where traders pay minimal fees and liquidity providers earn returns on their deposits.

Failed transactions and user frustration:

Just five minutes after the stakes went live, users who were initially excited to join the DEX became frustrated due to numerous platform errors and numerous failed transactions caused by network congestion.

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As more users submitted their complaint on SundaeSwap’s Discord server, platform CEO Matin Mutavav responded and at 10:07pm UTC, a statement was posted:

If your order is running, it will be processed, if it fails due to congestion, please be patient.

SundaeSwap hosted an AMA session on Twitter at approximately 1 a.m. UTC this Friday.

With thousands of requests pending on the platform, one user asked about the impact of the highly anticipated Cardano node upgrade on the SundaeSwap platform.

In response, the project’s director of technology, Matt Ho, said:

Once the change happens on the 25th of this month, we can expect a further increase in productivity.

Not surprisingly:

While the network congestion on the SundaeSwap platform may come as a surprise to many, the project’s core team is not.

The team announced prior to the launch of the official mainnet for “SundaeSwap” that transactions could take hours or even days to be executed depending on the overall network load.

The blog post stated:

To be as transparent as possible, we want to tell you all that while it may take days to process requests, everyone’s requests will be processed fairly and in the order they are received and enforceable.

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