Dogecoin co-founder slams Mozilla for reversing accepting crypto donations

Dogecoin co-founder slams Mozilla for reversing accepting crypto donations

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Answer Dogecoin co-founder slams Mozilla for reversing accepting crypto donations

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus has criticized the Mozilla Foundation for stopping accepting cryptocurrency donations, and accused the non-profit organization of submitting to an online mob.

The events came quickly, as Mozilla had previously announced and told its followers on Twitter that it had started accepting donations in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and a large number of other encrypted digital currencies, through a partnership with BitPay, a digital payment processing company.

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The tweet was met with sharp criticism, with critics accusing the California-based nonprofit of ruining its reputation and threatening to cancel its recurring donations. co-founder Jimmy Zawinsky joined the backlash on Monday, saying that Mozilla should be ashamed to accept support from Ponzi professionals who are burning the planet. His tweet reads as follows:

Hello, I am sure that whoever manages this account has no idea who I am.

But I founded Mozilla and I’m here to tell you (cursing…).

Everyone involved in the project should feel very ashamed of this decision to partner with the Ponzi giants who are burning the planet.

Due to the extremely negative response, Mozilla announced that it was temporarily halting cryptocurrency donations on Thursday, recognizing the negative impact of cryptocurrencies on the climate.

Ironically, Mozilla has been accepting cryptocurrency donations for years, unbeknownst to crypto critics.

Mozilla partnered with crypto exchange Coinbase throughout 2014 to receive bitcoin donations.

Cryptocurrency donations were instantly converted into fiat currencies, but the mere idea of ​​legalizing cryptocurrency seems unlikely to opponents.

Crypto proponents are now claiming that they will stop using Firefox in retaliation for the company’s reversal of its announced move.

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Alex Gladstein, chief strategist at the Human Rights Foundation, wrote on Twitter that Mozilla’s reasoning behind dropping Bitcoin payments was the height of ignorance.

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