The Cardano project puts more emphasis on DAPPS

The Cardano project puts more emphasis on DAPPS

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Answer The Cardano project puts more emphasis on DAPPS

Cardano’s plans for 2022:

It is known that the company “Input-Output Global” which abbreviated as “IOG” is the development arm of the Cardano blockchain and is behind its support.

According to Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOG, they will devote the next six to nine months to focus and perfect decentralized applications (dApps).

The information was revealed in the first CEO video tutorial of 2022.

How will Cardano differ from other projects:

Hoskinson’s educational video entitled:

Whiteboard: DApps and Development.

It is set up to highlight the main feature of the UTXO (eUTXO) model that Cardano and Bitcoin adopt while Ethereum has a model based on another algorithmic model.

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Hoskinson thinks Cardano’s development model is different.

He explained that the more expressive a programming language is, the more ideas can be represented and communicated in terms of quantity and quality.

Cardano is sitting somewhere, between old and new projects.

This means that it is more expressive than Bitcoin (which can be considered the industry’s foundational model with its strict and secure UTXO model) but less expressive and also more secure than Ethereum.

Hoskinson describes Cardano as falling in the sweet spot between all these models.

Commenting on this, he said:

One of the first parts of our research agenda, when we were looking to take the “UTXO” form because we really liked the idea of ​​this job…

We said okay, let’s make it more scalable, and so we wrote the extended UTXO model.

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In fact, we think that for a wide range of applications, it would be the perfect starting point.

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