Searches for bitcoin on Google’s search engine drop to annual low

Searches for bitcoin on Google’s search engine drop to annual low

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Answer Searches for bitcoin on Google’s search engine drop to annual low

The search engine “Google” and the searches conducted on it express what is common at the time of observation and analysis.

Currently, people’s interest in cryptocurrencies appears to be fading as searches on “Google” around the world for bitcoin have dropped to their lowest levels annually.

In contrast, inquiries and searches for NFT continue to increase, reaching a new all-time high.

Review your searches for bitcoin on the Google search engine:

As we have been told, Google searches are usually a good indicator of the preferences and behavior of individual investors.

This is especially true of the cryptocurrency industry.

The number of queries in the world’s largest search engine usually follows fluctuations in the prices of digital currencies, especially bitcoin.

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But now it seems that we have exceptions.

For example, searches reached an annual high in mid-May after bitcoin had already peaked at $65,000, and searches continued high even during Elon Musk’s statement, revelations of his energy consumption concerns, and China’s announcement of a total ban on bitcoin and mining.

Then the price of bitcoin fell, and with it the rate of searches for bitcoin in “Google” decreased, to rise later after the announcement of the launch of the first bitcoin futures ETF in the United States of America.

After that, interest on the search engine “Google” and inquiries fell to its lowest level this year.

This comes amid Bitcoin’s failure to recover the $50,000 level.

At the same time, searches to “buy bitcoin” have plummeted to lower levels, well away from the January and February peaks.

Everyone is interested in NFT:

While interest in Bitcoin appears to be declining, non-fungible tokens have taken the lead in searches on the Google search engine.

This new industry is arguably the most improved in terms of adoption, investments, new products, and everything in between.

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The industry has seen countless high-profile individuals and companies enter outside the cryptocurrency space, from musicians and actors to politicians and athletes.

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Since NFT allows fans to enhance their interaction with their favorite celebrities, it’s no wonder that searches for NFT on Google have been on an upward trend for most of this year.

It reached a new all-time high recently, as we previously mentioned on Arab Bitcoin, and it has remained at this high level since then.

Non-fungible tokens NFT towards breaking the record on Google Trend 2021

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