The founder of Ethereum talks about the future of Ethereum and sees decentralization going beyond money

The founder of Ethereum talks about the future of Ethereum and sees decentralization going beyond money

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Answer The founder of Ethereum talks about the future of Ethereum and sees decentralization going beyond money

Vitalik Buterin went to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, to experience inflation firsthand.

The Argentine Ethereum community embraced the founder of Ethereum and treated him like a king.

Images of Vitalik flooded the country with politicians and tech influencers and on social media.

According to some news sources, Vitalik was willing to give a free lecture if the community could produce the event quickly enough.

But it was all so well organized and marketed that the thirsty audience got 800 virtual tickets in less than five minutes.

After anticipation and waiting, “Vitalik Buterin” entered the stage wearing slippers.

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As he is known, he speaks quickly and rarely stops thinking.

Vitalik puts out project names and updates related to Ethereum as if it were nothing, assuming everyone in the audience knew exactly what they were talking about.

From what Vitalik stated:

It is much more than I expected.

Even more than I’ve seen in the world so far.

The country has an amazing amount of talent and a real need for blockchain technology.

Then he delivered one of the phrases that made the headlines, where he stated:

Argentina is a country with high potential but not yet untapped.

What did the founder of Ethereum say about the future of Ethereum?

According to the founder of Ethereum:

DAO is the thing that’s finally ready.

Vitalik admitted that the Ethereum network has many problems, but there are people working to solve each one of them.

For example, he promised that Ethereum would finally turn into a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, and stated:

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It’s 2022, we can make Ethereum decentralized and usable.

Speaking about decentralization, the creator of Ethereum shared his views on the subject, as he puts it:

The concept does not mean that there are no leaders.

This means that these leaders cannot make unilateral decisions and have to work to earn everyone’s respect.

There are existing structures in which new leaders can emerge.

Regarding the future of Ethereum, he commented:

If Ethereum fails to scale, Ethereum will fail permanently.

And if he succeeds in scaling, he will also succeed in the long run.

If Ethereum turns into something central, I think it has failed too.

If Ethereum succeeds in scaling and decentralization, but nothing interesting is built on top of it and no one gets any value from it, then it fails too.

Additionally, while addressing NFT tokens, Vitalik agrees that they provide a working model for art, but believes that they must survive a full cycle before these technologies are considered successful, stating:

Can NFT survive a bear market?

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In conclusion, it can be said that the founder of Ethereum is an interesting human being.

According to local media in Argentina, he kept the audience attentive the whole time, and got a standing ovation at the end.

And she gave him gifts: a hat and various gifts.

A few days later, a businessman set up an online store that contained everything Vitalik was wearing at the event, except for the watch.

What shows the great interest in the personality of the founder of Ethereum and the desire to profit from it financially in various ways 🙂

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