Why could 2022 be the year of regulation for the cryptocurrency market?

Why could 2022 be the year of regulation for the cryptocurrency market?

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Answer Why could 2022 be the year of regulation for the cryptocurrency market?

This morning we published an article about Turkey sending a crypto bill to Parliament, and it seems that the regulation is spreading not only in Turkey but in many countries of the world.

2021 was all about the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the transition of emerging technology into the mainstream.

In 2020, most venture capital funds and Wall Street giants kept a safe distance from the cryptocurrency market because they considered it too volatile to invest in.

However, when their expectations of bubble bursting were not fulfilled, they eventually joined the trend to make the most of it.

Currently, some of the largest commercial banks such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and many others that have banned cryptocurrency payments on their platform and branded it as a “Ponzi scheme” have to take a full turn to offer crypto-based products to their customers.

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The likes of Microstrategy have become pioneers of Fortune 500 companies investing in bitcoin as a hedge against dollar inflation.

While 2021 was all about adoption, 2022 could be all about regulation and regulation because governments around the world are currently studying different aspects of the cryptocurrency market and how they can be regulated.

Some countries have regulated the crypto market under existing tax laws while many others are planning to introduce an entirely new set of rules.

Circle CEO Jeremy Aller believes that stablecoin regulations may be put in place but will not affect the increased adoption of stablecoins.

He added:

In 2022, stablecoin adoption will continue on its upward trajectory.

We believe that online dollars will soon be as efficient and widely available as text messages and email.

Steady growth of crypto companies:

2021 saw the influx of venture capital firms into the billions while many crypto startups gained the ‘Unicorn’ label within two years of their launch.

With growing institutional interest in cryptocurrencies, the amount of money invested by venture capital firms in 2021 is more than all other years combined.

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With regulations looming, many crypto rigs have to be careful in their approach.

In a recent interview with CNBC, some of the top cryptocurrency executives put forward their thoughts on what they believe is predating the crypto market.

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The likes of Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, think it wouldn’t be such a surprising move, but general regulation certainly awaits us.

The FTX CEO also drew attention to the growing discussion around stablecoin regulations, and said:

There will be a major incarnation of cryptocurrency regulation over the next few years.

There is a lot of concern about stablecoins at the moment, but it is very easy to address it.

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