Non-fungible tokens NFT towards breaking the record on Google Trend 2021

Non-fungible tokens NFT towards breaking the record on Google Trend 2021

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Answer Non-fungible tokens NFT towards breaking the record on Google Trend 2021

Non-fungible NFT tokens go from something unpopular purely technical to something famous of value.

This phrase can describe the epic change and evolution of NFT which has become one of the major trends in the crypto industry.

Recently, according to the latest Google keyword search data, interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has risen to record levels.

NFT competes with Bitcoin in search terms on “Google”:

With the growing momentum and influence of some of the most influential celebrities, major brands and companies, searches for the term NFT on Google are looking to hit an all-time high.

According to Google Indicators, interest in this word has continued and has been on the rise since last year.

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Where search queries for NFT have overtaken meme search terms such as dogecoin, even as the latter has managed to capture the interest of investors around the world, NFT search traffic is now close to Bitcoin after overtaking Ethereum in the first week of December.

The latest data shows that the NFT may also be on the verge of reversing from the “bigger cryptocurrency” in the coming days in terms of interest and searches.

After the volume of searches dwindled in September, searches exploded again as the markets rebounded.

The increased search traffic in “Google for NFT” points to the fact that the sector is gaining interest from retail investors.

To put things in perspective.

China dominates the NFT search.

Interestingly, this comes even after a People’s Bank of China official warned of the rapidly growing interest in NFT and metavirus-related activities citing concerns about money laundering.

Although searches dominate Asia mostly, led by Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines and South Korea, among the top ten countries in attendance is Venezuela, which has also been engulfed in the NFT craze, thanks to blockchain and NFT gaming.

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Celebrities and NFT:

The main factor contributing to the accelerated growth trajectory of NFT are the influential individuals who support it.

Whether it was Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, Pharrell Williams, Post Malone or Stephen Curry, their involvement in the space fueled NFT culture and made it conquer the mainstream.

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