Tron Foundation bids farewell to its founder… Find out where “Justin Sun” will go?

Tron Foundation bids farewell to its founder… Find out where “Justin Sun” will go?

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Answer Tron Foundation bids farewell to its founder… Find out where “Justin Sun” will go?

“Justin Sun” is one of the names and controversial figures in the crypto arena with his boldness and his anti-familiar outbursts.

Several news reports have surfaced this morning that Tron founder Justin Sun is leaving the company and into politics.

Justin accepted the Grenada government’s offer and will serve as the country’s new ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Mr. Oliver Joseph, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Grenada, received the founder of TRON Corporation, as indicated in the above tweet.

Due to his new position, “Justin” will now be referred to as His Excellency as announced on Twitter.

Justin Sun said:

I have accepted the invitation to be appointed by the Government of Grenada to serve officially as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

I will do my best to represent the national interests of Grenada (…).

On his personal account, the founder of Tron shared an open letter to his community and talked about the importance of developing a relationship between regulators and the crypto industry.

While highlighting the benefits that accrue to all of humanity in developing an unlimited and decentralized financial infrastructure, he commented about it by saying:

Sovereign states are the basic building blocks of the world order.

Due recognition of the blockchain industry by sovereign states will be the last milestone towards achieving a truly decentralized financial infrastructure.

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According to a “Bloomberg” report, “Justin Sun” has been living in Grenada since 2019 and will start moving away from crypto projects gradually as he will exercise his duties at the headquarters of the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

Without its founder, where would you go?

The businessman “Sun” was raising a lot of controversy, especially when announcing new projects and developments.

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Recently, he told “Sun” that you see that it is completely decentralized and that his withdrawal from it will not hurt, as he tweeted:

It has officially pulled out of BitTorrent and Torrent.

The entire Tron network will now be powered by 27 community-hosted validators.

In this sense, Sun believes that Tron has entered a new era of decentralization and calls on his followers to embrace the future of decentralization.

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