Opera browser partners with Solana to support dApps

Opera browser partners with Solana to support dApps

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Answer Opera browser partners with Solana to support dApps

In an official blog published on Friday, December 10, Opera announced a partnership with Solana Labs to add support for its blockchain network.

This will allow it to run the native Solana wallet along with all other dApps in the ecosystem.

Solana goes to “Opera”:

The Opera team said on Twitter that the integration is expected to be ready by the first quarter of 2022.

By that time, users should be able to enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain in desktop and mobile browsers without any restrictions.

Opera’s interest in Solana is not surprising.

Since at least 2018, the browser has taken a targeted approach to supporting cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the so-called Whoopy 3.0.

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The news didn’t seem to get the markets excited much.

As “Opera” shares closed the trading session on Friday at $7.24, down -4.36%, albeit a modest rise from the $6.96 at which it started the week.

For its part, Solana’s price trend did not react to the news, and maintained the downtrend that started in early November just after hitting an all-time high.

The price of the digital currency, SOL, closed today at $166.97, down by 7.86%.

At the time of writing, the price has corrected to $169.21, which is still almost 35% below its all-time high and a 14% drop in weekly performance.

Web 3.0 battle between “Opera” and “Brave”:

Unlike Web 1.0 where users consume the content provided by a website, and Web 2.0, where users interact through a central platform, in Web 3.0, there is no central entity controlling interactions, but communication is done through technologies such as blockchain where data flows in a network with Not a single point of failure.

Some examples of developments focused on Web 3.0 we find each of the project:

“Sapien”, “UjoMusic”, “Storj”, “Filecoin”, “Hive” and “Minds”.

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Despite some controversies, Brave has been the undisputed king of crypto browsers for a while.

The browser is powered by its own blockchain, and the BAT cryptocurrency serves as the basis for an entire ecosystem that aims to rethink the advertising and content promotion business, reward users for viewing ads, and allow the community to reward high-quality content creators.

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Opera has taken a more realistic approach.

They haven’t developed a cryptocurrency, nor do they want to create a new experience, but their browser adapts to Web 3.0 like no other.

In addition to Solana, Opera has a native cryptocurrency wallet, supports Dapps, and other features geared towards blockchain adoption.

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