CME Group Launches “Micro ETH” Futures Contract…Details Here

CME Group Launches “Micro ETH” Futures Contract…Details Here

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Answer CME Group Launches “Micro ETH” Futures Contract…Details Here

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange today launched its Ethereum (MET) index future contract.

The size of a “MET” contract is 1/10 of one Ethereum and provides a cost effective way to get exposure to the second largest cryptocurrency.

Tim McCourt, Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products at CME Group, described the new launch as a major step, and also commented:

The launch of Ethereum mini futures underscores the significant growth and liquidity we have seen in cryptocurrency futures and options.

Ethereum mini-futures, with the size of one tenth of Ethereum, will provide a cost-effective way for a range of market participants, from institutions to sophisticated, active and individual traders, to hedge Ethereum spot price risk or execute a transaction more nimbly.

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All while retaining the features and benefits of CME Group’s larger Ethereum futures contracts.

This will mark the second offering of mini crypto derivatives from popular exchange CME, with the first coming in the form of Bitcoin mini futures in May this year.

The CME mini Ethereum futures contract will be cash settled and will be based on the CME reference price, which acts as a daily reference rate for the Ethereum dollar price.

Steve Sanders, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at Interactive Brokers, said:

CME Group’s suite of futures products allow active traders and institutional investor clients to take advantage of trading opportunities while minimizing price risk across the markets.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange continues to dominate the US crypto derivatives market:

CME Group was the first to launch a regulatory-approved bitcoin futures product for institutional investors.

It provided a way for investors to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies safely despite the uncertainty about legal regulations in the USA.

The popularity of institutional products has led to the creation of two small crypto products that allow exposure from retailers as well.

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