CoinEx spends 4 years on bulls and bears adventure: How did the platform gain popularity in the market?

CoinEx spends 4 years on bulls and bears adventure: How did the platform gain popularity in the market?

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Answer CoinEx spends 4 years on bulls and bears adventure: How did the platform gain popularity in the market?

2021 marks a milestone in the history of cryptocurrency.

In 2021, the cryptocurrency market attracted the attention of traditional investors, with PayPal backing Bitcoin, as well as through NFT auctions at auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s to the metaverse asset boom and GameFi.

As these digital assets have gradually taken over the spotlight in all walks of life, the continuous bull market has generated incredible returns for seasoned investors in the crypto sector.

For investors, there are no easy profits in the cryptocurrency industry, which is an immature market often affected by state regulations and uncertain factors.

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As such, not all investors are fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of digital assets.

For example, they may incur huge losses due to contract hacking, hacked exchange boxes, counterfeit currencies, etc.

CoinEx is a cryptocurrency trading platform founded in 2017, that has stood the test of time and built a solid reputation.

In the four years since its inception, the platform has set an impressive track record, satisfying its loyal users and attracting many crypto novices.

From a mining pool to a cryptocurrency trading platform:

Speaking of “CoinEx”, we must first talk about “ViaBTC Group” and “ViaBTC Pool”.

The ViaBTC group was founded by Haipo Yang, a young entrepreneur who has been working with Bitcoin since 2011.

Mr. Yang’s experience as one of the early investors and defenders of Bitcoin also laid a solid foundation in building expertise in the crypto space, which he later benefited from.

In 2016, Mr. Yang started a mining pool called ViaBTC on his own, which was launched just two months later.

At the end of December 2017, he established a cryptocurrency trading platform called “CoinEx”.

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CoinEx was founded at the height of the bitcoin bull in 2017, but that wasn’t a good timing.

With the crypto sector moving into bears in 2018, a lot of emerging teams ended up failing, and only a few survived.

The fact that CoinEx is still active to this day, proves its strength.

Four years later, CoinEx has created a wide range of products, covering spot trading, contract trading, financing, margin trading, AMM, and mining.

By supporting multiple languages, the platform is now a global provider of comprehensive crypto services.

CoinEx strength:

From 2017 to 2021, a lot of trading platforms went bankrupt or ran away with money.

In light of this, many cryptocurrency users are wondering what is driving CoinEx to keep growing.

In general, the success of CoinEx is backed by the following factors:

Distinguished technical team:

In essence, cryptocurrency trading platforms offer two primary services: safekeeping and trading of assets.

Being the hub of all exchanges, these two services rely on technology, which is of paramount importance in the crypto space.

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We know that many well-known trading platforms have suffered from hacking.

Although they all compensate their users for hacked cryptocurrencies, such incidents reveal poor security awareness, poor management, or insufficient technical capabilities.

Founded in 2017, CoinEx is backed by the ViaBTC Pool team, which was built independently by the CoinEx founder within three months and is still running steadily to this day.

Thus his technical ability is self-explanatory and self-explanatory.

Meanwhile, CoinEx has not experienced any security breach since day one.

From all of the above, there are plenty of reasons to trust the internal management and technical capabilities of CoinEx.

CoinEx Products and Services:

Although the security and technical capability of a cryptocurrency trading platform are the building blocks of its services, users are more concerned about the ease of use of its functions, the availability of new attractive features, and the quality of the digital tokens included in the platform.

In this regard, CoinEx has kept up to date with market trends and continued to offer functionalities that attract users.

CoinEx used to offer spot trading only in the early days.

To meet the trading needs of different users, it now also supports contract trading, margin trading and financial products.

In addition, CoinEx prioritizes user experiences.

For example, functions such as Take Profit, Stop Loss and PNL Analysis have been introduced.

At the same time, CoinEx has adopted strict quality inspection criteria for the tokens to be listed on the exchanges to ensure users can benefit from valuable cryptocurrencies.

CET digital currency to benefit platform users:

CET is a platform digital currency released by CoinEx in 2018.

CET holders can enjoy many benefits in the CoinEx ecosystem, such as transaction fee discounts.

In addition, CoinEx has also introduced a CET buyback and burn plan.

The platform spends 50% of fee revenue on buybacks and burning CET every day, making it a deflationary currency.

As such, when the volume of users trading increases in a bull market situation, the number of CET burnt will also rise, supporting the price.

In the meantime, CET holders can take advantage of the currency’s appreciation.

According to current figures, since the beginning of 2021, the price of CET has increased by nearly tenfold.

Since it outperforms most mainstream cryptocurrencies, CET has also attracted a lot of interest from crypto investors.

Distinguished Reality:

CoinEx is one of the few major trading platforms that have built a global presence.

To provide services to users around the world, the platform has planned its global expansion since the early days.

Relying on a strong operation and maintenance team and deep experience, ViaBTC has been serving global miners for many years.

In fact, many ViaBTC miners are also CoinEx users, which is one of the driving forces behind CoinEx’s quest for global presence.

At the moment, CoinEx has achieved an impressive record in its globalization.

The platform now supports multiple languages ​​and provides 24/7 services.

It has gained a steady foothold in markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Japan, South Korea and Russia.

Growth and development:

In 2021, the invention of cryptocurrencies such as DeFi, GameFi, metaverse, and NFT led to a crypto boom, which brought opportunities and challenges for CoinEx.

For example, the advancement of DeFi has made it difficult to operate a centralized trading platform.

Moreover, new crypto technologies also affected the business of cryptocurrency exchanges, which in turn changed the market landscape.

CoinEx has always been aware of the challenges posed by DeFi, so it decided to develop its ecosystem via “CoinEx Smart Chain” (CSC). As a high-performance decentralized public chain that supports EVM, CSC features fast transactions, low transaction fees, and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility.

With CET as the gas, the public chain allows developers to build their own decentralized applications on its own blockchain.

In the midst of the DeFi boom in 2021, CoinEx also pursued investments in DEX, lending and borrowing, aggregators, DAO, and blockchain bridges, and sought to integrate these emerging sectors into CSC.

Currently, CSC has launched its main network and introduced CSC Global Hackathon Grants and a series of DApp Support Programs to provide funding and marketing support for high profile projects.

This comprehensive incubation process has also attracted large numbers of first-class developers and loyal crypto users.


With the fierce competition of the crypto market, only strong teams that can stand the test of bulls and bears will be able to survive in the long run.

This is especially true for trading platforms that serve crypto users.

By dealing with bulls and bears, CoinEx has achieved sustainable growth over the past four years relying on its native crypto background and strong capabilities.

The platform’s long-term commitment is also a key factor to its success.

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the founding of the platform, CoinEx announced a competition, the conditions and timing of which are the following:

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