One of the most famous auction houses announces its partnership with “OpenSea” to hold NFT auctions

One of the most famous auction houses announces its partnership with “OpenSea” to hold NFT auctions

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Answer One of the most famous auction houses announces its partnership with “OpenSea” to hold NFT auctions

Auction house Christie continues to advance into the digital art scene, by announcing that it plans to hold NFT auctions in the world’s most prestigious niche market.

On November 24, the auction house announced that the first “Christie’s X OpenSea” auction will begin on December 1.

It will be open to browsing until December 3rd, bidding will start on the 4th and run until December 7th.

Big Step for the NFT Token Market:

This collaboration will enable bids and payments to be made using the Ethereum network.

The first collection comprises a sophisticated collection of collectibles assembled by Christie’s Head of Digital and Online Sales.

It will also be supported by the news and analysis platform “NFT Now”.

Among the featured artists who will be participating:

Andre O’Shea, Alpha Centauri Kid, Ash Thorpe, Paige, and Blake Catherine…

Selected works from sale will be displayed during Art Basel Miami Beach at The Gateway, which will provide a sensory downtown Miami experience featuring music and art to celebrate a new era with NFT at its center.

In a press release, Noah Davis, Head of Digital Sales at Christie, commented:

Through this collaboration, we are boldly bringing the “Christie” brand to the blockchain.

Our collaboration with “OpenSea” allows us to combine our experts and reputable resource with the convenience of decentralization.

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He added that he hopes this will be the start of a new era for NFT sales at “Christie.”

In March, Christie completed her first NFT sale, the record-breaking “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” by Beeple, which brought in $69 million.

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Also, in March, OpenSea secured $23 million in venture capital support from participants, including Andreessen Horowitz and billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

The OpenSea platform dominates the market:

“OpenSea” is the NFT platform and is considered one of the dominant platforms in the industry.

According to DappRadar, more than $1.67 billion of volume has been processed on the platform in the past 30 days.

Its current daily volume is about $70 million.

Cryptoslam reports that Axie Infinity remains the most popular NFT block in terms of sales, with $171 million transferred over the past week.

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