The company “CryptoCom” launches the main network “Cronos” to target “DeFi”, “NFT” and “Metaverse” users

The company “CryptoCom” launches the main network “Cronos” to target “DeFi”, “NFT” and “Metaverse” users

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Answer The company “CryptoCom” launches the main network “Cronos” to target “DeFi”, “NFT” and “Metaverse” users

The Cronos Mainnet Beta aims to bring decentralized applications to the customer base in the CryptoCom ecosystem.

The mainnet “Cronos” was launched today (November 8) which will be dedicated to users of DeFi, NFTs and Metaverse.

Cronos Specifications:

The Cronos blockchain is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine, and Cronos can also implement smart contracts provided by users.

Cronos enables developers to migrate their Ethereum smart contracts and other EVM-compatible blockchains to the Cronos platform.

The Cronos standard is CRC-20.

Users can use it and link selected digital tokens with the “CryptoCom” application and trade it by selecting the “Cronos” network when depositing and withdrawing, and from the “CryptoOrg” chain to “Cronos” via the “IBC” channel.

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The document also reveals that the Cronos Bridge is a fully decentralized protocol that uses the IBC and Gravity modules within the Cosmos SDK.

It supports transfers between the CryptoOrg chain and the Cronos chain.

Regardless of CryptoCom, Cronos is partnering with some other major players in the cryptocurrency industry, such as Chainlink, Metamask, Alchemy, Covalent and more, where others may be announced at a later stage.

It should be noted that the first hackathon on “Cronos” is already running.

Its completion date is November 24, and until then, developers will be encouraged to publish their early stage ideas and projects on the Cronos ecosystem.

The team behind the project pledged to continue working on improving the network infrastructure and launch the entire mainnet.

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Next, the team will follow community feedback and improve the project infrastructure according to clients’ requirements.

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