The Central Bank of China “PBoC” registers 140 million yuan digital wallets

The Central Bank of China “PBoC” registers 140 million yuan digital wallets

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Answer The Central Bank of China “PBoC” registers 140 million yuan digital wallets

According to informed sources, the number of digital yuan wallets in China has risen to 140 million digital wallets, of which 10 million are corporate accounts.

Transactions in digital yuan amounted to 62 billion yuan, equivalent to $9.7 billion.

The numbers have increased sevenfold since last June:

When talking about creating a digital version of the Chinese national currency wallet, China’s efforts are among the most advanced in the world.

In recent months, the most populous country has launched several campaigns aimed at promoting e-yuan among local residents.

After all these developments, inform A senior official of the People’s Bank of China reported that the number of individuals who opened digital yuan wallets reached 140 million, equivalent to about 10% of the total population.

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In comparison, these accounts were almost seven times lower than in June when 24 million new wallets were registered.

Digital yuan transactions have also increased significantly from $5.4 billion four months ago to $9.7 billion so far.

However, there is still the possibility for one person to open more than one account because the only requirement is to provide the phone number.

Since the e-CNY payment transaction method is relatively new, it can be used for criminal activities.

According to a report issued by the Shinmi police, 11 gang members were arrested after strict measures were taken in the country’s first use of digital yuan in money laundering operations.

The criminals reportedly acted on behalf of an offshore fraud group hiding in Cambodia.

The debate between the United States and China over the digital yuan:

The approach of the Beijing Winter Olympics scheduled for the beginning of next year, and more specifically China’s intention to allow foreign athletes and visitors to use its own CBDC currency, has increased tension between the two economic powers (China and the United States of America).

Republican senators such as Cynthia Loomis, Marsha Blackburn and Roger Wicker have urged the US Olympic Committee to ban US athletes from using the digital yuan during the event due to espionage concerns.

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry quickly responded to the verbal attack by telling Americans to be sporting and stop making trouble about the digital yuan.

Chinese officials went so far as to say that the United States is not familiar with digital currency, and what exactly it is. Their response is:

We suggest that they know the truth about digital currency.

US politicians should stick to the spirit enshrined in the Olympic Charter, stop making sports a political issue, and stop making trouble over China’s digital currency.

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