Over $1 billion worth of BNB moved after launch of DAR cryptocurrency exchange

Over $1 billion worth of BNB moved after launch of DAR cryptocurrency exchange

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Answer Over $1 billion worth of BNB moved after launch of DAR cryptocurrency exchange

The follower of the Arab Bitcoin finds that we have published in previous articles about the subscription of the “Mines of Dalarnia” project and its digital currency, DAR, on the Binance platform.

According to the recent data provided by the crypto transaction tracking platform “Whale Alert” over the past hours, 1,790,000 BNB were transferred by anonymous whales between their wallets.

Moving whales for $1 billion worth of BNB:

Each BNB transaction carried around 200,000 BNB on average, except for one transaction – the largest transaction, which carried 800,000 BNB worth $472,499,097.

All transactions were made from one anonymous wallet to another, while two transfers were made from Binance.

Among them is the aforementioned amount of 800,000 BNB.

The total value of BNB coins transferred is $1.057 billion.

Binance supports the trading of the digital currency DAR and its allocation is still ongoing:

Earlier, Binance announced that starting from November 4, DAR will begin trading against BTC, BNB, BUSD and USDT.

On October 28, cryptocurrency exchange Binance published its announcement statement about the launch of the 23rd IPO project “Mines of Dalarnia” which is a game based on the Binance Blockchain.

Users can stake BNB and BUSD for a month to get DAR coins as rewards from October 29th until November 28th.

At the time of publishing this article, BNB is trading at $603 0.6% lower than it was in the last 24 hours.

It is worth noting that the currency previously reached an all-time high in May at $675.

The recent burning process from Binance, in addition to the requirement to allocate BNB to obtain subscriptions, all made the price of the coin jump high to the third place after both Bitcoin and Ethereum, while the “Solana” coin is trying to catch up and compete for the third place.

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