A “Messenger”-like decentralized app built on Solana announces enabling OTC and NFT functionality

A “Messenger”-like decentralized app built on Solana announces enabling OTC and NFT functionality

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Answer A “Messenger”-like decentralized app built on Solana announces enabling OTC and NFT functionality

Secretum, a fully decentralized instant messaging application, has leveraged blockchain nodes to address the most serious bottlenecks in the sector.

The app offers the experience of using the messenger via OTC functions, storage of non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrency trading.

Replacing “WhatsApp” and “Telegram” with true decentralization:

In 2021, the security and data protection models of legacy apps have been compromised in a number of ways.

Traditional apps like Telegram and WhatsApp are used by more than a third of the Earth’s population, so the potential implications of their failure to protect users’ privacy could be even more dramatic.

As both systems are vulnerable to being prey to data leakage and misuse of private data.

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In 2019, hackers injected spyware into phones with WhatsApp accounts, while in 2021, the platform itself was fined for malicious data-sharing practices.

Facebook’s subsidiary WhatsApp has paid €255 million to the European Union’s privacy watchdog.

In 2020, Telegram was hacked, exposing the data of 500 million criminal accounts.

So, there is a demand in the arena calling for a new generation of privacy-focused messaging software.

Amid the continuous rise in cryptocurrency adoption, blockchain has become the natural technical environment for such systems.

This made the “Secretum” application seize the opportunity and build options and features on the disadvantages of its predecessors.

What is the “Secretum” app?

Launched in the early second quarter of 2021, Secretum is the brainchild of a group of first-class blockchain experts from Lithuania, a world-class hub for decentralized products.

At its core, Secretum is a messaging application that relies on the nodes hierarchy of the Secretum network.

Meaning, it guarantees 100% privacy and end-to-end encryption for all messages and accounts.

Secretum does not know of any control practices or KYC verifications.

Where users can register using their Solana wallets.

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This option eliminates data collection opportunities and ensures the ultimate level of anonymity.

Secretum is resistant to attack as it has no obvious points of failure due to its decentralized character, as there is no cloud storage, no central server etc.

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Secretum app offers OTC panel and NFT tools:

Secretum’s ecosystem contains a number of unique features that make it an end point in the Solana ecosystem (SOL) for crypto enthusiasts with different levels of experience.

Its design allows users to trade Solana-based cryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer manner.

All types of tokens, both replaceable and non-fungible, can be easily exchanged via Secretum tools.

Secretum has released the OTC trading functionality due to the individual messaging tools available.

This design is very natural and suitable for non-fungible (NFT) tokens as well.

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