Brazilian investment bank launches “Mynt” app for cryptocurrency trading

Brazilian investment bank launches “Mynt” app for cryptocurrency trading

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Answer Brazilian investment bank launches “Mynt” app for cryptocurrency trading

Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual has launched an application that can be used for cryptocurrency trading.

While the app will feature many alternative digital currencies, bank customers can also use the app to make direct crypto-based investments.

Currently, users of the bank’s Mynt platform and app can only purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But over time, BTG Pactual hopes to support the new app for many cryptocurrencies.

When talking about subtraction, confirmed The head of cryptocurrency at the bank, Andre Portillo, also said that expectations are high for the platform to support more cryptocurrency trades soon.

At the same time, the CEO of the investment bank, Robert Slot, stated that the launch of the application is in line with the requirements of customers.

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He revealed that many of their clients have shown interest in investing in cryptocurrencies.

So, it was right for the bank to do a good job by the customers, by giving them access to do so.

“BTG Pactual” and Cryptocurrency Adoption:

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency industry continues to expand and grow in popularity, especially with El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as a legal currency.

However, the vast majority of people still do not understand how the industry works or works.

This is why BTG Pactual aims to provide training focused on cryptocurrency education, especially for its users.

According to the CEO, the bank was left with no choice but to educate its customers about the technology and then about every other crypto-asset available in the financial markets.

Before the launch of Mynt, the investment bank already had a dominant presence in the Brazilian market.

Having earlier launched the real estate-backed “ReitBZ” security token, the bank has been spending time analyzing cryptocurrencies.

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It is worth noting that no other investment bank has done what BTG Pactual has done, by allowing clients to invest directly in cryptocurrency.

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