CoinEx enters the exchanges race with a focus on value discovery and high-quality project acquisition

CoinEx enters the exchanges race with a focus on value discovery and high-quality project acquisition

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Answer CoinEx enters the exchanges race with a focus on value discovery and high-quality project acquisition

Cryptocurrency investing is full of many stories of massive returns or skyrocketing growth for a cryptocurrency.

It is not as easy as many beginners imagine as huge profits are only available to a few investors.

Investors are tested in terms of market insights and an investment mindset, as they try to stay calm amid market volatility and try to invest in high-quality assets despite numerous trends and confusing news.

There are countless projects in the crypto market, including purposeful and meaningless ones.

Independent selection of a large number of promising projects is very difficult for most investors.

However, there are also shortcuts to access these projects.

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For most cryptocurrency users, trading platforms are the first stop on the way to invest in cryptocurrency.

By selecting projects on a trusted platform with strict inclusion criteria, the investment process becomes simpler, safer and more efficient.

The inclusion of only purposeful projects facilitates the task of investors:

In the traditional capital market, exchanges compete for high-quality underlying assets (such as Apple and Amazon on the Nasdaq) because they will attract large coverage, lots of users, and big money.

The same logic also applies to the cryptocurrency market. For cryptocurrency trading platforms, the most basic competitive capabilities also lie in high-quality assets.

With product strength and technical capabilities, crypto listing strategies and project selection can be seen as the soft power of trading platforms, and the moat for crypto brands.

Soft power tests market insights into trading platforms and may even reflect their values ​​that determine their future development path.

Here, the observed “Coinbase Effect” is a great example: when Coinbase announces upcoming projects to trade on its platform, the tokens rise in crypto prices for these projects, reflecting the level of reputation and user trust created by Coinbase through the screening mechanism. Rigorous and sharp market insights.

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There are also a lot of platforms that have achieved rapid growth by attracting users by chasing influence.

For such platforms, the only concerns on the cryptocurrency inclusion list are popularity and speed, and the quality and potential of the projects are irrelevant.

Although such an approach may bring profits and user traffic in the short term, unwanted cryptocurrencies are harmful to the users as well as the reputation of the platform.

As a result, the rapid growth of such platforms cannot be sustained as they often suffer sharp declines.

Fortunately, in the cryptocurrency market, an increasing number of new top-tier platforms have emerged, as well as leading platforms with a proven track record in their history.

Focusing on finding high-quality assets, new platforms like CoinEx have gradually built a high level of user trust and become an essential platform for value discovery in the crypto sector.

CoinEx and its investment bank-like strategy:

With the aim of collecting innovative digital currencies, CoinEx has proven a track record of finding high-quality assets.

CoinEx now supports nearly 370 types of cryptocurrencies, covering popular projects and sectors such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Solana, Layer2, etc.

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Mr. Haibo Yang, founder of CoinEx, once stated that the process of listing cryptocurrencies should be considered a valuable product and should be considered.

In terms of cryptocurrency listings, CoinEx aims to focus on quality with good follow-up.

Fully committed to such a principle, CoinEx never blindly pursues quantity, trends, or exclusivity.

With all the mechanisms and review teams as well as various considerations for project evaluation, CoinEx has established a very rigorous funnel-shaped screening process.

During the review process, first, CoinEx will collect information through multiple channels for preliminary screening of potential projects.

Next, you analyze and evaluate projects from various aspects, including project background, team, technology, concept, innovation level, economic model, prospects, and risk assessment.

Projects that score highly in the initial screening enter the next round of rigorous review, which includes teams specializing in Operations, Business, Marketing, Technology, and Products.

Only projects that pass all assessments will be officially listed on CoinEx.

CoinEx has always been committed to the dual review mechanism by the CoinEx Foundation and the Listing Committee, regardless of the direction of the project.

During the reviews, the project will be canceled if it is deemed too risky on one side.

As such, CoinEx may be slower than some of its peers in terms of the list of cryptocurrencies included.

However, with these efforts, the platform minimized risks and made sure that only projects with great potential were included.

In a market where everyone is calculating their winnings in seconds and looking for a quick profit, CoinEx is sticking to its original ambition despite all temptations.

Part of the reason for this commitment is that the CoinEx team is fully aware that hunting down trending topics will not work in the long run.

Instead, the trading platform aims to be a talent scout through promising projects.

Following the “investment bank-like strategy,” CoinEx also offers post-investment services.

Unlike platforms that focus on speculation and arbitrage, CoinEx places more importance on the long-term value of projects.

As long as the project shows future potential, CoinEx is ready to be a strong supporter of it even if it lacks popularity and user traffic at the moment.

At the same time, the validity of this vision was proven, as many projects received public attention and gained wide fame in the market, after being included in the CoinEx.

Those who succeed in life are often very good at one thing.

In this sense, CoinEx has taken the cryptocurrency to a new level.

Although identifying high-quality projects is a challenge, in the long run it is also the core competitiveness of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Trading platforms that continue to help investors access top-tier assets and serve as an important platform for value discovery will have the opportunity to create new market legends.

Committed to steady progress, CoinEx is definitely one of the most promising players in the market.

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