Reddit plans to develop its own NFT platform

Reddit plans to develop its own NFT platform

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Answer Reddit plans to develop its own NFT platform

With the emergence of non-fungible “NFT” tokens and taking the lead on crypto websites, many companies and platforms have started to join this young new arena and create their own “NFT” or “NFT” platform to create, sell and buy these digital products.

Nowadays, many believe that Reddit may be one of those interested in creating the NFT platform, and this is demonstrated by the recent job advertisements posted by it.

The social networking platform Reddit intends to create a “NFT” platform for buying and selling crypto holdings, as the company has announced vacancies for an engineer capable of building websites.

in the post For its need for a web engineer and developer, Reddit indicated the following:

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We have a desire to create a new, fast-growing team aimed at building the largest creator economy on the Internet, supporting independent content creators, digital goods and NFT.

We are looking for strong engineers and leaders to help us build the team, define its strategy, and build for the future.

This initiative comes amid the growing popularity of NFT teams which has motivated a wide range of companies to start various initiatives.

Earlier this month, the cryptocurrency exchange told Coinbase and FTX.US that it was building NFT markets and platforms.

It told Reddit that it is looking for someone who can design, build and ship back-end services to millions of users to create, buy, sell and use NFT-backed digital goods.

Currently, Reddit attracts an average of 430 million visitors per month for news updates and reading discussion threads at scale.

Reddit explained in its post that fans of today’s biggest content creators and brands are now flocking to buy digital goods directly, to support them, get exclusive access and feel a greater sense of connection with them, over time we believe this will grow even more.

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