Report: Walmart installs 200 Bitcoin ATMs in its US stores

Report: Walmart installs 200 Bitcoin ATMs in its US stores

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Answer Report: Walmart installs 200 Bitcoin ATMs in its US stores

The US multinational retailer Wal-Mart will allow its customers to buy bitcoin using ATMs installed in some of its stores in the United States of America.

This initiative was made possible by the collaboration between retail giant Coinstar and Coinme.

the start:

Last month, Walmart was present with a story that it has signed a partnership with the Litecoin Project (LTC) to enable its customers to make payments using cryptocurrencies.

While the rumors caused a lot of excitement within the entire cryptocurrency sector, the story turned out to be fake, and the crypto market, especially Litecoin, went down.

Now a more credible report has emerged from “BloombergIt reports that the company has joined forces with “Coinstar,” which is known for making its hardware that can exchange digital currencies for physical.

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After this partnership, 200 Bitcoin ATMs were installed in Walmart stores across the USA, while the broader plan is to raise this number to 8000 in the near future.

Sam Doctor, Chief Strategy Officer at BitOoda cryptocurrency brokerage, said:

The installation of bitcoin kiosks in supermarkets is a growing trend in the United States.

Although Walmart differs from its competitors in that its scope can reach a larger percentage of the community.

Meaning that Walmart would expand Bitcoin’s reach to more people, and give it more legitimacy among skeptics, if it were to launch after an initial beta period.

Customers wishing to use the new service have to insert banknotes into the Coinstar machine and get a paper voucher.

They must also set up a Coinme account and complete the checkout with some fees, as ATMs charge 4% for a Bitcoin option, plus an additional 7% cash exchange fee.

That is, this process can be expensive compared to other methods such as peer-to-peer platforms like the one we offer at Arab Bitcoin, where fees do not exceed 1%.

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ATMs also provide alternative digital currencies:

While Bitcoin is the leading and most popular digital asset, there are other cryptocurrencies that US residents can purchase from some of the kiosks.

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Earlier this year, CoinFlip decided to list the highly popular Dogecoin (DOGE) on 1,800 ATMs in 46 countries.

Daniel Polotsky, CEO and Co-Founder, said:

This move will provide the general population with a more straightforward way to receive exposure to meme coins.

Taking a closer look at the global number of crypto ATMs, the United States is the undisputed leader.

According to the latest data, the largest economy owns 17,436 machines, which means one for every 19,023 American citizens.

Canada, in second place, is far from the top with just 1,400 ATMs.

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