Example of Diamond Hands…NFT CryptoPunk Owner Rejects Record $9.5 Million Offer

Example of Diamond Hands…NFT CryptoPunk Owner Rejects Record $9.5 Million Offer

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Answer Example of Diamond Hands…NFT CryptoPunk Owner Rejects Record $9.5 Million Offer

CryptoPunks remains one of the most successful NFT groups.

As a reminder, this is a collection of 10,000 pixel images of different faces launched in 2017.

Many have seen sales of over $1 million, as they are one of the longest-running names in the NFT token arena.

Recently, a CryptoPunk owner rejected a huge offer for his NFT CryptoPunk, here’s why

He rejected a massive $9.5 million bid for “NFT CryptoPunk”:

A record sale of $9.49 million for “CrytpoPunk #6046” was denied late last week.

Punk owner Richard wrote on Twitter:

This would have been NFT’s biggest ever sale in terms of Cryptobank in US dollars, but I chose to decline the offer.

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The offer came from “poapxyz” who commented on Twitter that:

Come to Richard.

Don’t you want to go down in history as the hottest CryptoPunk sale yet?

But “Richard” did not respond and was told that he was not currently interested in any offer, and did not know that “poapxyz” had already made his offer.

Then Richard told Twitter followers that there was a mutual respect between him and the account called “poapxyz” and that the two people didn’t know each other outside Twitter.

Richard added that he was not aware of the bid being offered early on.

Why is this important?

Refusing to sell for a record amount may be the true meaning of diamond hands, a phrase used in reference to holders and holders of cryptocurrencies or stocks who refuse to sell their holdings.

According to Richard, the offer he received may have been exaggerated as his NFT CryptoPunk is mediocre due to his features and 3D glasses.

The big question now:

Why would someone own CryptoPunk and refuse to sell it even though the offer is big.

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Richard replied on Twitter:

Over the past six months, I have used “CrytpoPunk #6046” as my identity photo and have built an important brand around it.

It is worth noting that “Richard” is the co-founder of “”.

Richard went on to explain:

Because I value my personal brand and identity, this was an easy rejection for me.

There is great conviction in the NFT space, especially CyberPunks.

For me, it will be my brand and identity and what I build in the NFT space will be most valuable in the long run.

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Richard seemed to be playing with the idea of ​​diamond hands as he tweeted the next morning after rejecting the offer, tweeting:

Good morning to all those with diamond hands.

The top five selling prices of CryptoPunks are $7.58 million, $7.57 million, $5.45 million, $6.63 million and $3.76 million.

For the record, Richard had previously bought his CryptoPunk holdings on March 31 for $83,209 at the time.

CryptoPunks has skyrocketed in value and continues to be a leading name and potential store of value in the NFT space.

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