Mexican company launches blockchain-powered coronavirus test certificates

Mexican company launches blockchain-powered coronavirus test certificates

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Answer Mexican company launches blockchain-powered coronavirus test certificates

The panic of the coronavirus crisis appears to be fading after nearly two years.

However, governments around the world are still looking for tools to control their expansion and allow their citizens to return to a normal life.

A Mexican company is using blockchain technology to improve the reliability of coronavirus diagnostic tests by using encryption and real-time auditing by using blockchain technology as a way to prevent fraud.

Fighting the Corona virus through decentralized technology:

According to a report by the news website iProUP, the medical services company MDS has launched a rapid application for testing and translation service, in addition to collecting home PCR samples designed specifically to interact with the Corona virus.

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The results are delivered physically and digitally after 24 hours and will be approved by the blockchain technology to ensure that the test is applied in real time, thus ensuring the validity of the results.

As described on its website, MDS produces a unique hash associated with the results of each test and generates a QR code that links to a digital certificate with the personal information of the person who took the test, the results obtained, the physician responsible for administering the test and the date the test was taken.

Mexico embraces blockchain:

Mexico is one of the Latin American countries that supports the implementation of blockchain technology through several use cases.

The National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) in Queretaro, Mexico has already announced the availability of a digital passport issued in alliance with blockchain company Xertify, which will allow local residents to digitize their physical certificates issued by the authorities after payment.

While when it comes to finance, the use of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, does not have the same support from the authorities.

The country’s central bank has already halted an initiative by the head of “Banco Azteca” to provide bitcoin services.

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Last week, the president of Mexico ruled out the use of bitcoin as a legal currency.

So, for now at least in Mexico, the financial revolution and the blockchain revolution will go very far.

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