Two people arrested in illegal crypto-mining and 90 devices confiscated

Two people arrested in illegal crypto-mining and 90 devices confiscated

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Answer Two people arrested in illegal crypto-mining and 90 devices confiscated

Exploiting the equipment and tools of public and private companies and exploiting and stealing electricity is a common behavior among fraudsters, which the security authorities combat.

Recently, the Malaysian police raided a shopping mall in the city of “Mura Tapuan” after investigations revealed that there was electricity theft in order to mine cryptocurrencies.

Mr. “Achmon Bagah”, the regional police chief, said in a statement: statement Today, during the raid, the police arrested two suspects, aged 24 and 44, who were working in the care of the building.

Ahsmon said:

It is estimated that the building has mined about 184,000 Malaysian ringgit (approximately $45,000) worth of cryptocurrency in the past eight months.

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He also said that the police are tracking the owner of the building.

He added that the building had been in the crypto-mining business since February of this year.

Police confiscated a computer unit, 90 crypto-mining machines, an internet modem and other related devices during the raid.

The case was investigated under Article 379 of the Penal Code and Article 33 (5) of the “Sarawak” Electricity Ordinance.

Sarawak Energy (SEB) and the Ministry of Utilities revealed the largest electricity theft case related to cryptocurrency mining in Sarawak in Demak Laut, this week.

During the operation, a total of 1,200 crypto-mining machines worth 1.74 million Malaysian ringgit ($420,000) were seized from a factory that had been converted into a mining venue.

The field inspections carried out by the technical team of “Sarawak” led to the discovery of direct theft, cable exploitation and electricity theft.

It is estimated that Sarawak incurred losses of more than 300,000 Malaysian ringgit ($72,000) per month in unrecorded electricity consumption in cryptocurrency mining.

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