$1.4 million worth of bitcoin was stolen from users via a popular app

$1.4 million worth of bitcoin was stolen from users via a popular app

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Answer $1.4 million worth of bitcoin was stolen from users via a popular app

Scammers lurk with cryptocurrency users.

according to “Thank you“The scammers managed to deceive users of popular dating apps and Facebook, with a whopping $1.4 million by advertising a fake “CryptoRom” app and misusing Apple’s developer service that reviews and deletes fake apps.

iPhone Users Lose $1.4 Million to Crypto Scammers:

iPhone users were tricked into investing money in fake crypto apps that were advertised on Facebook and popular dating platforms, such as:

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Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, etc.

A recent news report shared by Sophos indicates that a scam called “CryptoRom” has cost iPhone users a lot of money.

Earlier this year, exactly in the month of May, a similar scam from Asian users of both iOS and Android managed to steal large sums of cash.

This time, the losses are much greater for those who wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Some lost thousands of dollars while Android users were saved.

Here is how to scam and steal bitcoin via mobile apps:

Scammers communicate with users via fake profiles on dating apps or Facebook, start a conversation and then lure their potential victims to install “CryptoRom” and invest in Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies using the app.

After making their first profits from small demo investments, victims withdraw money and are encouraged to invest more.

Once they deposit a larger amount into the fraudulent app, they cannot withdraw it again.

The aforementioned source confirmed that most of the scam against iPhone users was successful, mainly due to the misuse of the “Apple Developer Enterprise” program.

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In this way, the scammers found a way to circumvent the functionality of Apple’s algorithm that detects fake apps in the system.

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