17-year-old artist sells $138,000 worth of fake NFTs and disappears!

17-year-old artist sells $138,000 worth of fake NFTs and disappears!

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Answer 17-year-old artist sells $138,000 worth of fake NFTs and disappears!

A supposedly 17-year-old digital artist specializing in 3D graphics has performed what is known in the crypto community as “rugpull”, where he failed to implement the project and disappeared with all the money.

“rugpull” or pulling the rug is a method based on raising funds at the beginning and promising to provide a product and achieve the goals mentioned in the white paper, but as soon as the money is obtained, the people behind the project with the money disappear.

For the fraudster who used to pull the rug out from under the legs of investors, he promised to produce an NFT project called “Iconics.”

Where a promise was made to produce 8000 NFTs focused on “quality of art”.

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The artwork took the form of 3D avatars, and about 14 artworks were provided on the artist’s “Discord” channel as examples.

Today, some pre-sale NFTs were supposed to be sold.

There were 2,000 NFTs at 0.5 SOL for those with access.

The site for the sale was published, and the NFT demo site started raising funds very quickly.

But instead of the buyers getting the artwork, the buyers got random sets of emoji instead of the agreed-upon NFT artwork.

Where, instead of artwork, buyers received sets of emojis shown below:

The “Big Brain” account, a popular account in the Solana community, tweeted:

It turned out that IconicsSol was just a scam (RUGGED).

Where he pre-played 2000 nft at 0.5 and stole I think about 1000 SOL.

Sorry to anyone exposed to this scam.

This scam artist has disappeared and there are no more ads in the Iconics Discord channel, the public chat is still disabled and the Iconics Twitter account has been deleted.

Apparently the artist received about 1,000 Solanas (SOL), valued at about $170,000.

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The funds have already been split across multiple accounts, according to the blockchain data.

The victims of this scam created their own “Discord” channel to discuss what happened and try to continue the project.

At the same time, the announcement letter encourages affected buyers to file claims with the FBI.

Knowing that this is not the first NFT scam from Solana.

A project called “AstroSols” did a similar stunt earlier this month, sending question marks to NFT buyers who were supposed to be waiting for metadata for their purchase but never uploaded and sent to them in the first place.

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