In Pursuit of Regulatory Discipline…Binance Hires Former IRS Special Agent

In Pursuit of Regulatory Discipline…Binance Hires Former IRS Special Agent

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Answer In Pursuit of Regulatory Discipline…Binance Hires Former IRS Special Agent

I participated “BloombergDetails of the latest addition by Binance bringing in and hiring a former IRS special agent to the Binance Board of Directors.

Amid the regulatory attacks, cryptocurrency exchange Binance is strengthening its security units and seeking more regulatory discipline.

Former IRS Agent Named Vice President of Investigations at Binance:

According to Bloomberg Crypto, the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading company Binance has hired a former US Internal Revenue Service special agent named Telegram Gambarian.

Mr. Gambarian became Binance’s Vice President of Global Intelligence and Investigations.

Matthew Price, a former IRS officer, is the Senior Director of Investigations at Pennasse.

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Telegram Gambarian has previously conducted a number of high-profile investigations into cryptocurrency scams and hacks.

Specifically, Gambarian investigated the hacking cases of Mt.Gox, BTC-e and the Silk Road store.

Gambarian’s areas of interest also cover countering the financing of terrorism, combating the distribution of child pornography, identity fraud, tax evasion, and banking abuse.

Binance and Regulators:

CZ, CEO of Binance, stresses the importance of this announcement to the entire cryptocurrency exchange industry, and to the progress made by Binance in particular, commenting on this:

The Binance Investigative Team now includes the world’s best detectives.

This level of expertise will make Binance a compliance leader, and build trust in Binance and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

In recent weeks, Binance has found itself under unparalleled regulatory pressure, having to stop offering its services to users from China and Singapore.

Currently, Binance is far from being the only victim of Beijing’s stubborn anti-crypto stance.

As the oldest Chinese platform, Hubei, was also forced to leave China and stop its services to the Chinese.

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