Fraudulent Firefox add-on that steals cryptocurrency from users

Fraudulent Firefox add-on that steals cryptocurrency from users

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Answer Fraudulent Firefox add-on that steals cryptocurrency from users

A large number of Firefox users have fallen victim to a fraudulent fake add-on that was disguised as a legitimate add-on for a hardware wallet of cryptocurrency called SafePal.

One of the victims, Kali, was shocked to discover that all of his cryptocurrency had gone into the hands of fraudsters. He told:

I was in deep shock…I saw my last transaction and saw that $4,000 of my money had been transferred to another wallet.

I could not believe that the transaction was behind an add-on in the Firefox browser.

It is not clear how many other Firefox users had their money stolen after downloading this malicious add-on.

Looking at this fraudulent add-on, we find that it has been running since February before it was recently removed.

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It is worth noting that many users have warned of it as a malicious and fraudulent add-on.

The user who has been scammed by the fraudulent add-on is told that the police are unable to track down the fraudster.

Potential victims are tricked by prompting them to enter their recovery phrases, which makes it extremely easy for scammers to steal their belongings.

It is worth noting that phishing scams of this type are widespread and are not exclusively available on the Firefox browser, but there are many fraudulent add-ons that are also present on the “Google Chrome” browser.

Therefore, we always advise that you should download add-ons or applications from their official source, review the ratings and user opinions about them before using them, and not submit and enter recovery phrases until after good verification.

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