Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx is growing rapidly in the MENA region

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx is growing rapidly in the MENA region

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Answer Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx is growing rapidly in the MENA region

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There are currently a lot of cryptocurrency trading platforms that are trying to conquer the market and take the largest percentage of it.

The CoinEx platform is progressing steadily towards conquering more markets and imposing itself, including entering our Arab region.

The CoinEx team seems to be doing a great job, providing plenty of options for trading, stockpiling, mining, and services to market makers with a huge investment.

The CoinEx trading platform offers many advantages and options, including:

  • Live trading portfolio.
  • Margin trading portfolio.
  • Futures.
  • A portfolio for market makers.

CoinEx was founded in Hong Kong in 2017, coinciding with the rise of the cryptocurrency markets globally after the high demand for bitcoin, as everyone was racing to get it.

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Since its inception, CoinEx has not been hacked, which means that they are doing a great job with security measures and the adoption of the latest technology.

CoinEx aims to provide a very well-established platform that provides high level security measures with a friendly interface and low fees to attract all cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

CoinEx has proven to be very reliable in terms of speed and fees.

Recently, the platform has provided more languages ​​in their interface to reach more customers around the world.

A very important point CoinEx stresses is that it will never use its clients’ assets anywhere outside of its platform.

This allows for immediate benefit when it comes to withdrawal times and transactions, and to complete them in a very short time.

In terms of security and safety, CoinEx has implemented top-of-the-line encryption through the use of HTTPS and multi-signature layer protocols to ensure safety and security.

CoinEx pays great attention to its customers, taking all layers of security for users into consideration, as you will be required to secure your account using 2FA, complex passwords and linking the account to the mobile phone.

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In the event of unusual activity occurring at the account level, the account will be suspended until identity is confirmed with customer service by opening a ticket on the platform’s website to confirm identity.

CoinEx supports any country without the need for identity verification with the ability to withdraw amounts less than $ 10,000 per day, and if you want to withdraw larger amounts, this can be done through the usual security measures after completing the KYC procedures.

CoinEx provides a perfectly decentralized experience:

CoinEx allows the use of a credit card to purchase cryptocurrencies and also supports bank transfer to purchase cryptocurrencies.

The platform also supports the Mercuryowallet wallet, which is famous for linking cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

It is possible to join the CoinEx referral program, where the platform offers two different referral programs for individuals where they can invite friends and get a commission from their transaction fees, or join the market maker referral program where they can get up to $1,000 for each referred market maker.

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx has already launched its own cryptocurrency, CET.

The digital currency “CET” is a relatively new currency but it is growing and progressing with the expansion of CoinEx’s ecosystem and long-term strategies.

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CET can succeed, as have many different trading platform currencies such as BNB and FTT.

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