Ripple CEO: We are ready to settle with the SEC, but on one condition!

Ripple CEO: We are ready to settle with the SEC, but on one condition!

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Answer Ripple CEO: We are ready to settle with the SEC, but on one condition!

Yesterday, Mr. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple gave an interview to “Fox Business” in which he stated that Ripple would be willing to settle with the SEC if there was absolute certainty and full clarity about XRP, and added:

We are moving forward to the point where we can find a constructive path forward with the SEC.

Of course, we want to find solutions for that.

Currently there is no such settlement scenario, and you may be in a state of absolute certainty about what XRP is.

Ripple is determined to educate the market about the usefulness of XRP:

He told Garlinghouse:

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We have a clear view of how to make XRP a very powerful tool…

There are a lot of other people in the crypto community and the XRP community that are doing amazing things with XRP.

Garlinghouse emphasized that the XRP Ledger is an open source decentralized technology that predates the company’s creation, with its native cryptocurrency being compared to oil and gold.

According to Garlinghouse, the SEC’s vague statements show its lack of regulatory clarity.

The same speaker added:

The SEC claims that XRP is a security.

I think there’s still a lack of clarity.

Speaking about the potential conflict of interest, Garlinghouse said the timing of the lawsuit was suspicious, and went on to:

I have this question a lot… The timing is suspicious.

It’s not a good view of things.

Despite bemoaning the lack of clarity, the Ripple head disagrees with the notion that cryptocurrencies are like the Wild West, justifying that the industry is already regulated, commenting:

Cryptocurrency is regulated… the SEC may want more authority over this.

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