The price of the digital currency SUSHI doubled after the project management was transferred to this person

The price of the digital currency SUSHI doubled after the project management was transferred to this person

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Answer The price of the digital currency SUSHI doubled after the project management was transferred to this person

Excitement continues around the digital currency SUSHI, after we touched on this morning the collapse of the price of the digital currency SUSHI by more than 69%, since then the price of the currency has rebounded to double what it was earlier this morning.

It seems that the reason for the rise of the digital currency SUSHI is due to the transition of project management from the founder of the SushiSwap project nicknamed “Chef Nomi” to Mr. “Sam Bankman Fred”, CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Earlier, Nomi angered the SushiSwap community by withdrawing $13 million from SUSHI’s liquidity pool using Uniswap.

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What made the project community get angry and accuse the founder of the project of being a fraud.

Nomi couldn’t calm society even after making an excuse that he sold his coins to devote himself to development entirely.

Finally, he decided to hand over the keys to managing the SushiSwap project to the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Where Bankman had previously tweeted, commenting about Nomi absorbing and selling SUSHI coins, saying:

Nomi you absorb and harm society.

If Nomi doesn’t step down, it’s over for SushiSwap.

Bankman later thanks Nomi for giving him the keys to running the SushiSwap project, and tells Bankman that he will transfer power back to the community by transferring control to a multi-signature address controlled by leaders elected by the community.

He wrote on Twitter:

SUSHI will return to the hands of society.

Nomi said in a tweet after the management transfer:

I hope SushiSwap works well without me.

Again I had no intention of doing any harm.

I am sorry that I did not anticipate the results of my decision, but I want to stress once again that I did not mean to deceive anyone.

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I kept all my promises.

The price of the digital currency “SUSHI” rose after the announcement from $1.24 to nearly $3.

But many still hate Nomi and see that they were cheated, wondering if he will return the $12 million that she withdrew from Uniswap.

André Crone, founder of yEarn, a major decentralized finance protocol, tweeted:

Are you leaving the project?

If so, will you return the development funds?

All I’ve done so far is hand in generated code.

But the money you took, which was intended for development, will you return it?

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