Cardano “ADA” staking rewards are higher than expected

Cardano “ADA” staking rewards are higher than expected

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Answer Cardano “ADA” staking rewards are higher than expected

At the end of last month, Cardano launched its highly anticipated mainnet called “Shelley” with the potential to stake ADA tokens.

Last Sunday, users tasted for the first time the ADA token stake rewards.

Where 7 million ADA was distributed on August 23, 12 million ADA is expected to be distributed tomorrow August 28.

According to the Cardano stakes machine, the current bonus, which is around 5.1% is higher than the 4.6% estimate put forward before Shelley’s launch, which we previously touched on in Bitcoin Arab:

Disappointment for the Cardano community (ADA) after the announcement of the discretionary “staking” rewards

Aparna Ho, Product Manager at IOHK, commented:

We couldn’t have asked for a better response from the community, who jumped into working batches and reliably built the blocks.

This is shown by the 1,138 currently active rationing groups, which are all about balancing the network.

There are already 40,221 titles with a total coin count of 13.6 billion ADA.

The move to a quota-based blockchain comes with some core benefits for network auditors, which are rewards.

By accumulating their coins, users are rewarded with ADA Cardano, for their role in securing and verifying network transactions.

Prior to the distribution of the first Cardano stake reward, there were a total of ADA 13.8 billion stake titles.

Every five days, or “Epoch” in Cardano’s terms, 0.3% of the total stake bonus, or about 41 million ADA worth about $4.7 million, is distributed to all active participants.

Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, said after personally witnessing the first distribution of the rewards, saying:

I just wanted to make sure everyone got what they expected, the betting calculator was accurate and there weren’t any issues.

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Everything was looking good.

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